Grumpy Frog  

Grumpy Frog is not grumpy! He is excited about green (but only green, definitely not pink), he loves hopping... and he loves to win! But what happens when Grumpy Frog doesn't win, or encounters... a pink rabbit?

Join Grumpy Frog as he learns about compromise and tolerance, friendship and the power of saying sorry.

You didn't hear this from me, but it's possible this book was inspired by the endless intolerance we're seeing in recent political events. 

The Bookseller says... 'My favourite yet of Vere's brilliantly irreverent picture books... Contrary he may be but this wonderfully expressive little fellow will have you charmed. Infectiously funny, it's a dream to read aloud, with a positive message about friendship, compromise and saying sorry. And children will adore the snappy twist in the tail.'

Puffin Books - Published, 4th May, 2017

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